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BRAND cover image: 07: Spring/Summer 2011

Cover: Discotheque, by Neil Butler

07: Spring/Summer 2011

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Anthony Joseph
Interviewed by Anjan Saha
Poem: "Blood tree".
Poem: "River Dove".
Poem: "Philly's Congo Prayer".

Peter Oswald
Play: "Rosewater".

Joelle Taylor
Short Story: "Qualias".

G.C. Waldrep
Poem: "The Baby Catalogues".
Poem: "Elegy for Rosa Parks".

Sean Borodale
Poem: "Lyrigraph for Ice Forming on a Bucket of Water".
Poem: "Lyrigraph for a Road at Midwinter".

Jon Stone
Poem: "Who Are At War".

Katia Gerou
Creative Non-Fiction: "'I could live on a slice of lemon': Making theatre in the time of recession".

Justina Semetaite
Poem: "I'm talking to myself about the reasons".
Poem: "I'm talking to myself about the good-byes".

Akis Dimou
Play: "Love of my Life".

Jason Price Everett
Short Story: "Requiem for Ulrike".

Lucy Avery
Play: "The Birdcatcher".

Sinead Roarty
Short Story: "The Charm".

Li San Xing
Poem: "Inventions".