03: Spring / Summer 2008

03: Spring / Summer 2008 contributors

Yang Lian

Laura Wade

John Saul

Zdravka Evtimova

Joelle Taylor

Eoghan Walls

Haris Vlavianos

Sophie Mayer

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Joelle Taylor

Joelle Taylor is an award-winning spoken word artist and poet/playwright. She hosts MotherFoucault Spoken Word Burlesqueat London’s Poetry Cafe, which combines raw queer writing with provincial drag and unsettling cabaret. Her work, including the plays Naming; Whorror Stories; The Sequel; Lucid Johnston; Abigail's Play Partyand many anthologies of text and poetry, focuses on sexuality and surreality, and has taken her to venues as diverse as the ICA, the 100 Club, Shakespeare's Globe, the Royal Court, the Lyceum and Blue Peter, as well as Zimbabwe and Botswana. She also co-ordinates the Londonwide Slam Championships for the Poetry Society.

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